Jitterbug Phone Reviews

So you’re thinking about buying a Jitterbug?

Finding reviews for the Jitterbug, as you may have already discovered, is somewhat tedious. We developed this site independently to compile every helpful Jitterbug phone review at one location. Our goal is to help you make a confident, informed decision about purchasing a Jitterbug.

There are three models of the Jitterbug – the “One-Touch” and “Dial,” both released in October, 2006, and the “J” released in June, 2009.  These phones received widely different reviews. If you’re looking for reviews of the original models, click Jitterbug “One-Touch” (A110) Reviews or Jitterbug “Dial” (A120) Reviews. On the other hand, if you’re looking for reviews of the Jitterbug J, click Jitterbug J Reviews.

You can also find information about the company, the phone’s specifications, and news articles under “Sections” on the left side of this page. If you believe the phone is right for you, we recommend customizing a plan through the official Jitterbug website.

Jitterbug One-Touch Reviews:

The Jitterbug Dial is the original Jitterbug. Instead of a dialing keypad, the One-Touch included three large dialing buttons: “Operator,” “Tow,” and “911.” The One-Touch sold moderately well, but most of its users complained about the limited functionality. You can read the reviews that we’ve collected on the One-Touch here.

Jitterbug Dial Reviews:

As an alternative to the “One-Touch,” Jitterbug released an identical phone with a dialing keypad. According to our data, the Jitterbug Dial received an average rating of 2.73 stars (Jitterbug Phone Reviews 3 Stars) among consumers at online retailers and product sites. Reviewers of the Jitterbug Dial praised its simplicity and functionality but were somewhat dissatisfied regarding the lack of Bluetooth, the coverage area, and the customer service. We believe that these mediocre reviews led to the demise of the model, which is no longer available at the official Jitterbug website. To read what consumers thought of the phone, click Jitterbug Dial Reviews.

Jitterbug J Reviews:

The Jitterbug J, released in 2009, is Jitterbug’s newest model. Among the customer reviews that we found, the Jitterbug J received an average score of 4.08 stars (Jitterbug Phone Review 4 Stars). It seems that the company took the complaints of the Jitterbug Dial to heart as they increased the coverage area, added Bluetooth capability, and improved customer service. Some customers were still unhappy with the price ($147), but most found that the newer model met their expectations: a simple and useful model for people who would otherwise avoid mobile phones. The Jitterbug J is now the only phone sold on the official Jitterbug website, which just refers to it as the “Jitterbug.” To read what consumers have said about the Jitterbug J, click Jitterbug J Reviews.